Find out how it all makes a difference
in the way I capture your life in photos.

I’m an artist before all else

Art is a way of life. It’s a way to see the world differently than others. I am a painter. I am a designer. I am a photographer. I am a graduate of Pratt Art Institute in New York. I am an art teacher at Xavier University. And I am also a parent who flips pancakes on Saturday before teaching my family to throw on a potter’s wheel. I like to call this “creative cross-training.” It affects the way I see, compose a shot, and think about the concept behind the work. It gives my work a range that is unmatched by others.

I work like a Dad

The best art is made with insight. That’s because insight is the only way to create with true authenticity. When I take a first look shot, I relive my own wedding day. When through my lens, I watch a father serenade a daughter, I fast forward to that moment when I’ll do the same with a little piece of my own heart. Fatherhood also helps to have experience with the chaos and unpredictability of a wedding day, kids and families coming together, and that one hysterical baby in the group shot.

of 3 boys and one
spoiled little girl

“The day of the wedding Jonathan was a quiet presence, capturing each moment in a way that still allowed us to feel that the moment was private and special.”

-Karen & Bob S.

I am One Half of a Whole

Sometimes I am lost in editing. Sometimes I am meeting with brides. That’s when my other half keeps me on top of my emails. Monica is the organization behind my art. A silent partner that acts as a voice for you when I am off shooting. Like you and your life partner are two halves of something even greater than a whole, Monica is my muse and the helping hand you may never meet, but you’ll see in the unparalleled quality I can present because she is by my side.

More than a photographer
I am a friend

A mother of a bride once said, “I knew I wanted you as our photographer because you are the type of person I would have invited to this wedding anyway.” I promise I won’t rush you. I won’t boss you around. I won’t act like you’re lucky to be in the same room as me. I will listen, because good photography is about listening. You’ll love the photographs, but you’ll also never forget the things I don’t list in my package options: respect, a calming presence and a no-breaks-all-day ethic that gets shots others may not. Anyway, who do you trust more to capture an important photo of you than a friend?

More than a

Photo Credits: Jessica Maslyn and Monica Gibson


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