It's couples like this that make my job easy and enjoyable! Can't wait for the wedding!

Can't believe the rain stopped just when we needed it to! Pinecroft is the ultimate estate wedding location in Cincinnati!

Note to self: next time you get engaged bring a private jet to the photoshoot!

Baby Luca was such a sweetheart! She also had two incredible parents who beamed with love and pride.

When a couple asks me to make art for them, not just photos, then the work gets interesting and deeply rewarding.

This family has been friends of our for a long time. I love every time I get to spend time with all of them!

The perfect and and perfect weather for the perfect couple!

Our trip to Costa Rica was a whirlwind of experiences that were incredibly varied in their majesty.

I absolutely loved this wedding at one of my favorite hotels in Cincinnati - 21C. Look for the Coca-Cola ring shot, no I didn't drink all those to get it.

Cincinnati Magazine project: In Sikhism family, religion, worship, food, and kindness all coexist in a beautiful way.

Cincinnati Magazine project: Ornamentation and decoration is not excessive when it is paying tribute to your God.

Cincinnati Magazine project: Praying on your knees is a key physical element of worship for many religions.