The Shaker Village in Kentucky is one of the best places for photos: fall leaves, barns, ponds, and donkeys :)

Jessie is a pro photographer - made me nervous, but also made it so easy and fun!

I just loved how much these parents loved their children and each other.

Tracy and Josh were such a classy couple! I loved the choice of the black tie for the evening shots.

Sally and Ryan's wedding was so laid back, fun, and so easy to photograph. Their family has so much life and love for each other!

Every time I visit Miami, Ohio I am tempted to move there, just to be there for the fall.

This couple was so in love with each other! They were so wonderful - felt like being with friends.

Megan was a gorgeous bride and Erik was a dashing groom. Your classic Cincinnati couple!

They say rain on your wedding is a good sign. Wet knots are the hardest to untie.

Small ceremonies allow you to feel close to the couple and close to their story.

Sarah & Jaden had so much fun together, I am not sure they even knew I was there.

Sally & Ryan are totally in love and you can see it in every time they look at each other.