I am loving the new Smale Park downtown. It seems to have it all: water, green, and of course the Cincinnati Reds.

Love this couple! Their love is seasoned and it shows in the way they together.

Max and Lara are all class. What can go wrong when you serve burgers and gelato?

Can't believe how far we've come after 4 years.

Great friends make it easy to get great photos. They are not in town often enough.

Shooting this wedding was like being with family.

Such a cool couple with impeccable style. Their wedding is going to be stunning.

This couple radiated love for each other and for everyone lucky enough to be at their wedding.

I think this bride smiled all day. Their joy was infectious!

Patty's in Hyde Park is my new favorite hang out. They have everything you need to sustain life: caramel popcorn and caramel popcorn.

Great couple and great weather - makes taking photos easy.

So happy to take pictures of this happy couple! You can see them brimming with love for each other.