This couple was so in love with each other! They were so wonderful - felt like being with friends.

Megan was a gorgeous bride and Erik was a dashing groom. Your classic Cincinnati couple!

They say rain on your wedding is a good sign. Wet knots are the hardest to untie.

Small ceremonies allow you to feel close to the couple and close to their story.

Sarah & Jaden had so much fun together, I am not sure they even knew I was there.

Sally & Ryan are totally in love and you can see it in every time they look at each other.

Lauren & Chas, May 25th here we come!

Kristen & Nick were sooo creative and open to some of my crazy ideas. Can't wait for the wedding!

Maggie is such a cutie, both inside and out!

Who knew Mariemont has so many great locations besides the theater for photography!

Danielle & Dan were so classy as they savored each part of their day.

Carsen has style - who else could pull off a hawaiian shirt for their senior photoshoot?