Two girls + two parents = a great recipe for a happy family.

Who needs summer love, when it's the winter in Cincinnati..

I love repeat families. It's like we just pick up where we left off last time.

The Loveland Bike trail is the perfect location around Christmas to get family pics done.

Even with only 30 minutes to do a quick engagement we even had time for the dog.

Friends become family when you get invited to their ranch (even if it is for photos).

So many murals and so many going up. Love this city.

It's hard to not get inspired by an old remodeled church downtown. Transept, it's where it's at.

Loved this beautiful wedding at the Hall of Mirrors at the Hilton!

So happy for this couple and so happy they got married in the Renaissance hotel :)

I love this natural setting with family and friends and a barefoot bride.

Kimberly and Tony were beaming with love for each other and shared that love with others generously.