Shhh! French Park has a great little walking path that makes for great photos.

Cincinnati can disappoint with the rain, but it can also have some epic sunsets.

Wow, so in love! Their relationship was sweet, fun, and bound to last.

Love how this family was so natural and comfortable together!

High School sweethearts - it happens and it's wonderful. Can't wait for the wedding.

Loved this Columbus wedding. I always respond well to new places and familiar families.

Details, details, details. "Details create the big picture." Sanford I. Weill

The Monastery is a beautiful new wedding venue in Mt. Adams that does it all: ceremony, reception, and wonderful cocktail hour.

This couple was deeply in love and were so moved with respect for each other - made me want to be a better husband.

Ashleigh and Eric's wedding at the Renaissance was stunning in so many ways. So glad I could be there to capture their happy day!

Anne and David's love shows in every photograph - relaxed, comfortable, and confident in the future.

New Riff is such a great location for a wedding reception, great cocktail hour, great bar, and great with your family and friends.