This couple was so warm, even though the temperature wasn't - still waiting for Spring to come :)

What a classy couple. The Hilton Netherlands is one of Cincinnati's great landmarks.

Lucky for a warm day in the middle of a bitter winder. I'll take wind over biting cold!

Buy a part of art and belong to a whole.

Loved this engagement session in Prospect Hill. It's my new favorite place!

My favorite thing to do is to prepare for a long cold winter with loads of fresh cut wood.

Something Chic in Cincinnati does an amazing job styling for your special events!

Day 5: Camera broke :( So, many of these are shot on an iphone.

Yes, there's more. It's beats me doing a slideshow in your basement though, right?

What a happy couple! They were beaming for each other any time you saw them!

Libby and Mike were so full of life and happiness. Too bad not all weddings can be on New Year's Eve.

Penguins, and birds, and sea turtles oh my.