Carsen has style - who else could pull off a hawaiian shirt for their senior photoshoot?

Derek is one cool customer, going to be a great computer engineer someday.

The Irish really know how to party and enjoy life in the moment.

We have 3 weddings featured in the most recent issue of Cincinnati Wedding Magazine!

One of those weddings you just don't want to end.

Their quiet love and respect for each other shows in every photograph.

She got her dress and smile from her mom. He got his respect for others from his dad.

Love photographing friends. Can't wait to see how Giada grows!

Kelly and Blake made it totally worthwhile to travel up to Chicago!

So happy together. Can't wait to shoot this couple's wedding!

Baby Eve's parents are wonderful, so I know she will be too.

I am loving the new Smale Park downtown. It seems to have it all: water, green, and of course the Cincinnati Reds.