The Mavris Center in Columbus is a super cool venue to host a super cool wedding!

Just loved how this couple loved each other! Can't wait for the big wedding day!

Elm and Iron is one of the coolest, most eclectic, yet carefully curated stores downtown right now. You'll get lost in there :)

I love it when Seniors bring the stuff that they are really interested in!

Indian Hill has some amazing little gems that no one knows about, until now :)

Drew is a soccer player, volleyball genius, and drummer extraordinaire. Have a great Senior year Drew!

Newborns are cute at every moment, laughing, crying, and especially asleep.

Northside has some great places to take photos - you have to start at Shake It Records!

I love it when I get to spend time with families that are friends and see how they've grown up and grown closer together.

Families that take photos underwater stay together.

The American Sign Museum is one of Cincinnati's coolest places to see. Immerse yourself in its transcendent neon glow.

Newborns are perhaps the most precious thing this world has to offer us.