I love, love, love Bar Mitzvahs! The kids are crazy fun to be around!

This couple survived the chill of Cincinnati's springtime and caught Alms park in bloom.

I absolutely love this family! The only sad part is that this was their last daughter to get married :)

This couple was so warm, even though the temperature wasn't - still waiting for Spring to come :)

What a classy couple. The Hilton Netherlands is one of Cincinnati's great landmarks.

Lucky for a warm day in the middle of a bitter winder. I'll take wind over biting cold!

Buy a part of art and belong to a whole.

Loved this engagement session in Prospect Hill. It's my new favorite place!

My favorite thing to do is to prepare for a long cold winter with loads of fresh cut wood.

Something Chic in Cincinnati does an amazing job styling for your special events!

Day 5: Camera broke :( So, many of these are shot on an iphone.

Yes, there's more. It's beats me doing a slideshow in your basement though, right?