Yes, there's more. It's beats me doing a slideshow in your basement though, right?

What a happy couple! They were beaming for each other any time you saw them!

Libby and Mike were so full of life and happiness. Too bad not all weddings can be on New Year's Eve.

Penguins, and birds, and sea turtles oh my.

Red sand beaches, sea lions, and more marine iguanas than you can shake a stick at.

This Indian/Catholic wedding was a wonderful mix of family, traditions, and fun!

Beautifully barren, brimming with strange wildlife above and below the waves.

Niederman Farm is not just for weddings, it makes for a cool engagement session too.

The 20th Century Theater is a great space for both the ceremony and reception. Who wouldn't want their name in lights?!

So many cute details and such a cute couple. What a happy day!

We also have 3 sons (and a girl), so I hope ours turn out as good as theirs!

This baby was so relaxed and calm almost the whole time. Reminds me how small they really start out!