Our trip to Costa Rica was a whirlwind of experiences that were incredibly varied in their majesty.

I absolutely loved this wedding at one of my favorite hotels in Cincinnati - 21C. Look for the Coca-Cola ring shot, no I didn't drink all those to get it.

Cincinnati Magazine project: In Sikhism family, religion, worship, food, and kindness all coexist in a beautiful way.

Cincinnati Magazine project: Ornamentation and decoration is not excessive when it is paying tribute to your God.

Cincinnati Magazine project: Praying on your knees is a key physical element of worship for many religions.

Cincinnati Magazine project: The 40 day blessing is wonderful in how closely it approximates how the actual blessing of Jesus might have been like.

Cincinnati Magazine project: This Losar Ceremony made me pay attention to the importance of meditation and the power of rituals.

Cincinnati Magazine project: The confession in the Catholic church is about repetition, devotion, and penitence.

It's starting to warm up!

Have a rad senior year Quinn!

Baby it's cold outside.

So happy together.