Cincinnati's new carousel and Smale park are the best! Washington Park is pretty cool too.

It's weddings like this that allow me to take the photographs I've always wanted to take.

Ault Park is amazing in so many ways, the rose garden, the flowers, the reception venue. So sad that it's over!

This couple was so in love! You can just see beaming in their faces.

I just loved how much this couple and their families loved each other so naturally!

This couple was so comfortable together. She was confident and he was a rock. Can't wait for the wedding!

Loveland Bike Trail is chock full of cool scenes and perfect for kids!

3 generations is the best way to celebrate a birthday!

I could shoot at the Krippendorf lodge every weekend! The rain can't ruin the perfect day.

I just love shooting at the Krippendorf Lodge! This wedding was gold and teal - a perfect mix.

Such cool details - check out the DIY tablescapes they made!

This couple was so in love! It made my job a breeze.