Loved this Jewish wedding at the one and only Renaissance Hotel!

Winter weddings are so warm and wonderful despite the temperature outside.

Kids grow so fast! I can't believe it's been 2 years since I photographed their oldest!

I love the attention, love, and care first time parents put into their first sweet little baby.

I love downtown Cincinnati for so many reasons, music hall, Washington park, brick, leaves, and on and on.

Even with winter here Smale Park still manages to surprise me with all of its different textures and colors.

Man, I love this family! Every time we do pictures it's a ton of fun and they are up for my crazy ideas.

The Centennial Barn and Church is a great place to have both your ceremony and reception!

You'd never know from their smiles that this was an absolutely freezing November day.

Above all, candid photographs best tell the story of the day. Beauty, meaning, and laughter are all bound up in one.

Hawkesdene in North Carolina is the closest thing to Rivendell. I could shoot there all day.

This couple was giddy with joy for each other and their big day. Happy people are the most beautiful people.