There's too much great stuff at the Cincinnati Art Museum to shoot in one day!

Katie and Jay were so sweet together, sweet like an old married couple sitting on the front porch together :)

This couple was so comfortable in their own skin and in the presence of each other.

I love Cincinnati. I love it's parks, it's downtown, and most importantly it's people.

We resisted the urge to do pokemon go on this family session - epic win.

Getting teenagers to crack a smile is one of my favorite photographic challenges.

Bring champagne to your engagement session, not to drink, but more as a water fight :)

Let's ditch the sultry senior photos and go for the upbeat, fun, and full of life photos.

Families. It's all about families.

It's so wonderful to see all the ways families come together to celebrate the marriage of their 2 favorite people.

I feel so lucky to have brides and grooms that are so calm and easy to work with! Congratulations Jill and Andy!

The Transcept is one of Cincinnati's great new venues! The perfect place for this perfect couple.